Sunday, October 25, 2015

#105, Tuskegee Airman revisit

tuskegee airman statue
Joe Gomer (Tuskegee airman) by Sutton Betti, bronze, life size, Ellsworth Community College, Iowa Falls, IA

Last week, while I was in Wayne, Nebraska doing the install for Remembering at Wayne County Veterans Memorial, I decided to drive to Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls, Iowa to see my bronze statue of the Tuskegee Airman Joe Gomer. The leaves were changing and being that I didn't have very good pictures of my first WW2 statue and that I was only about 3 hours away at the time, I thought why not. The sculpture was commissioned in 2012 and is the first war statue that I made in what seems to be a steady flow of work in this field (knock on wood), and worthy of a visit. It was a cold and frosty morning, but well worth the drive. Iowa Falls IA, like Wayne, NE, is a very small town of about 5,000 people and both towns also have a beautiful college campus. ...Interesting story, while snapping these pictures early Saturday morning a young man walks up to me and we start chatting about the bronze sculpture. He told me many of the community college students will walk by and take selfies and put their pictures on Ellsworth facebook page. After a few minutes I told him that it's time for me to make the long drive back to Colorado and he then tells me how much he misses it there. "Where from, I ask?" Loveland, CO, he tells me! ...Small world.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

#104, Wayne County Veterans Memorial

remembering the fallen sculpture
Remembering at Wayne County Veterans Memorial, Wayne, Nebraska

remembering the fallen sculpture
Remembering at Wayne County Veterans Memorial, Wayne, NE

remembering the fallen sculpture
detail of Remembering at Wayne County Veterans Memorial, Wayne, Nebraska
A couple of days ago I had the honor to install my bronze sculpture of a US Marine who is remembering the fallen at a beautiful veterans memorial in Wayne, Nebraska. The veterans memorial was built in 2010 and lists every veteran, living and dead, from Wayne county who served in the military during all of our countries wars. Over 3100 of them! In the background is the courthouse. 

The 200 pound bronze statue located in Wayne is the second in the edition of ten. It is a life-sized sculpture titled Remembering depicting a U.S. Marine kneeling and remembering a fallen soldier.