Saturday, January 17, 2015

#93, James Dean bust

James Dean bust, 19in height

I sculpted this clay bust of James Dean over the past few weeks, mostly for me since I won't sell editions of it. I have been a fan of James Dean since I first saw Rebel Without a Cause and East of Eden when I was a teenager. There is something intriguing and mysterious about him that I thought it would be fun to try to capture his likeness since there is so much available photography on the internet. This was a bit challenging since he was such a good looking guy, but I am pleased with how it came out. I will post photos of the finished casting in a future blog post.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

#92, WW2 monument

Since October 2013 I have been working very hard sculpting a world war two monument that consists of 12 life size figures (pictured are three of my favorites). I haven't had time to work on my own projects and therefore post anything interesting so I figured I'd show what it is that has been keeping me busy (and quiet). The monument was designed by a former WW2 army air corp pilot and will be installed in Louisana sometime either later this year 2015 or 2016.  I am very pleased with how it is coming together and seeing this completed will be such a tremendous joy on so many levels. Currently, I am finishing up the tenth guy (standing figure) this week. Many of the figures are engaged with and touching another figure and doing everything separately has introduced challenges of fitting the entire monument together "seamlessly". I expect a good part of the year will be spent at the foundry making sure everything gets assembled properly.