Saturday, November 21, 2015

#109, Hoag patina

Amidst all of the chaos between two big projects, I got to find some peace of mind working with Art Castings of Colorado on the patina of Frank Hoag, Jr. This is the stage it is in now which only has liver of sulfur applied and rubbed back in select areas. On Monday, we will be completing the patina using ferric nitrate followed by lacquer and wax.

Monday, November 16, 2015

#108, Frank Hoag, Jr. monument

This 6' 8" bronze statue of the founder of Pueblo Community College will be installed on campus in the next week or two. I began work on the sculpture of Frank Hoag, Jr. earlier this year and it is now starting to come to a close. The patina is scheduled for next week.

Mr. Hoag, who died in 1989, was not only one of the schools main founders but was publisher and editor of The Chieftain and its afternoon sister publication, the Star-Journal. A graduate of Princeton University, he saw the need for higher education in his hometown and helped to start the college in 1933.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

#107, Master Swimmer monument

By far, THE most difficult project I have done is this sculpture going to a pool and ice center in Northern Colorado. But I am confident that this will be a nice sculpture once it is all finished. The life size statue of a swimmer will be held up by two concrete columns about 6 feet tall. Sandwiched in between is 1 inch thick blue/green glass that will represent water. The major hurdles have been how to engineer this thing without making installation impossible. After back and forth between three engineers three separate times, we have finally come up with something that isn't too bad. This monument has definitely tested my patience, but it is starting to shape up nicely. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

#106, Waiting Temptress relief

Waiting Temptress, clay for aluminum

This pose captivated me because of it's unique angles and overlapping forms. Lately, I have noticed that the reliefs that I enjoy the most are the ones that have some kind of overlapping. Her left leg overlaps her right leg. Her left hand is placed on her left thigh. Her right elbow overlaps her left knee. I'm finding that these compositions are much more interesting in relief I think because they help to show the different levels creating a sense of depth. Although they are a lot more challenging to sculpt, they are worth the effort.