Saturday, July 23, 2016

#119, Sleeping Infant and Torso relief

Portrait of a Sleeping Infant, 9 inches x 11 inches, oil based clay
Torso relief, 12 inches x 9 inches, oil based clay

Although I've been busy working on the Stanley monument, I finally set aside some time to work on some new relief sculptures. Portrait of a Sleeping Infant is a private commission for a client that will be given to my clients' daughter and shows the sleeping infant with all his cuteness, little chubby cheeks and cute little fingers. The artwork will be cast in aluminum and patinated similar to my most recent artwork. 

Torso is the latest addition to my family of reliefs and was more a practice in technique. Relief sculpture is a great way to combine my love for drawing with sculpture. Deep lines in the clay accentuate hard edges of form that are in shadow and forms that are further away from the viewer (and ones that get the most light) are blended into the background. These are techniques that I've developed over the years and ones that I apply in most of my relief art.

Friday, July 1, 2016

#118, Western States Endurance Run trophies

Western States Endurance Run trophies by Sutton Betti, bronze on walnut base

This past weekend was the Western States Endurance Run 100 mile race that starts in Squaw Valley and ends in Auburn, California. Each year I create two bronze trophies that go to a male and female winner of the race. On each of the 15" tall statues is etched the winners names, and this year we started adding their times also. Congratulations to Andrew Miller winning with a time of 15:39:36 and Kaci Lickteig winning with a time of 17:57:59. Your sculptures are on their way.