Monday, July 22, 2013

#59 digital rendering of Norfolk Veterans Park

Digital rendering my client made of Norfolk Veterans Park in Norfolk, NE with the Grieving Soldier I am currently having cast in bronze. We plan on having everything completed by November 2013. On top of the 9' tall granite column is a bronze abstract flame that will encase an LED light.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

#58 Flute Sonata on a Tortoise-patina day

This piece was sculpted back in late 2011 and I finally had saved up the money to have him cast in bronze. We decided to do the multi-color patina after the sculpture Sowing Seeds, which also had a multi color patina, was installed outdoors. This piece is designed to sit in a garden, we'll be showing him at the Loveland Sculpture Invitational 2013 in the garden area.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

#57 Kneeling Soldier-clay

Remembering the Fallen clay
finished clay of Remembering

US Marine boots

Remembering statue AR-15
the AR-15 rifle will be slung on the backside of the kneeling soldier

Remembering clay
95% finished clay of the kneeling US Marine titled "Remembering"

This life size soldier is currently being cast in bronze through Art Castings of Colorado and will be kneeling in front of a 9' tall black granite column that will hold a 32" height bronze stylized flame. The bronze flame will cradle an LED light. More pictures as the piece progresses. The sculpture will be installed in Norfolk, NE early November, 2013

#56 Installation of Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds, bronze, 53"h x 72"w x 30"d

explaining to the group the installation process

The kids were awesome and helped move the statues to the stone bench so I could position them how it needed to look. 

Discussing the details of installation with Christy

Jessica, myself and Carol

Members of the youth group that helped with installation from Mountain View Presbyterian church

Installation day yesterday, July 10, 2013. I was fortunate to have the assistance of many of the youth volunteers from Mountain View Presbyterian church and what a difference it made! Since I decided to do the assembly on site, rather than at the foundry and craned in, the day was long but not as long as it would have been without such great help. Everything went really well thanks to these guys!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

#55 Flutist gnome-metal assembly

My third large scale gnome is this guy seated on a poor turtle and playing the flute. This hippie gnome is designed to sit in a garden to entertain the flowers, plants, insects and the humans. I will be showing him at the 2013 Loveland Sculpture Invitational in the garden area.

#54 32" Army boots

army boots sculpture
32" world war 2 era army boots. By far, the largest pair of shoes I have ever made in bronze. The sculpture is a part of a large setup of a chair and 17' butterfly net that will be installed in the next couple of months at a childrens hospital in Texas. I worked with the photographer Gordon Trice to make these as authentic as the real thing, times two! The photo is of the boots just after being patinaed by Nate Ford at Art Castings of Colorado.

#53 Sowing Seeds, preparing for installation

Getting ready for installation of the life size sculpture Sowing Seeds next week, July 10 and I am feeling quite relieved that soon this piece will be finished and installed. It's been over one year since I've been working on the piece.

Debbie Bakel did the patinas on all of the bronze and they came out GREAT! Thank you Deb! I am fortunate to have as my neighbor a wonderful person and patineur. One of the many great things about living in an art community such as Loveland is the availability of information from so many experienced in the business of bronze. I also feel fortunate to know George Lundeen and just yesterday was amazed at the fact that if I don't know something, call up George. He loves to pass on the knowledge he has from the many many years of being a sculptor. I feel, as I believe many of us younger sculptors do, it is important to learn from and keep a very open mind and ears when talking with George, or any sculptor for that matter. I have a ton of respect for him and I only wish I would have moved to Loveland many years before I did in order to gain more of this knowledge that seems never ending.

Sowing Seeds will be permanently installed at Mountain View Presbyterian Church in Loveland.