Saturday, May 14, 2016

#117, The Visionary clay

Freelan Oscar Stanley monument
The Visionary by Sutton Betti and Daniel Glanz, over life-size monument, in progress

The story of FO Stanley in Estes Park began in 1903 when the successful businessman and inventor came to Colorado at the recommendation of his doctor to be cured of a resurgence of Tuberculosis. Within a short period of time, Mr. Stanley's health dramatically improved. With a renewed sense of energy and a gratitude towards the mountain air of Estes Park, Colorado, Freelan Oscar Stanley began construction on the Stanley hotel. 

The hotel is known for it's grandeur with stories steeped in history, the paranormal, pop culture and environmentalism.The expansive property boasts amazing architecture with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountain National Park but will probably always be best known as the inspiration for Stephen King's "The Shining". 

In September 2016, the hotel will add to it's rich history and shine a light on the man that built the hotel, FO Stanley. 350 lbs. of bronze will be used to cast a likeness of the founder of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company and the Stanley Dry Plate Company. He will be holding one of his other inventions, a Stanley Violin, in his left hand while leaning on a sandstone column that will inscribe some of his accomplishments before coming to Colorado, his personal life and how he helped shape Estes Park into what it is today. Above each of the three inscriptions that are etched in the stone will be bronze reliefs to help illustrate the story.