Monday, June 29, 2015

#100, Confidence relief

 "Confidence", aluminum

Confidence is from my series of nudes where I'm exploring simple compositions, focusing mostly on the soft forms of the female figure. This relief was created of one of my favorite nude models whose proportions and unique facial features remind me of paintings from the turn of the century, in particular Bouguereau's painting of The Bather.

Friday, June 12, 2015

#99, Portrait of Spring and Peasant Woman, aluminum

Portrait of Spring, 10"x10", aluminum

Peasant Woman, 16"x13", aluminum

Although I'm in the middle of two public art commissions I'm still making time to get myself ready for the next show, Art on the Rockies. These two reliefs will be among 24 sculptures that I'll have displayed next month in Edwards, CO (just west of Vail). They are cast in lightweight and durable aluminum using the lost wax method which makes them great for hanging on walls.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

#98, Frank Hoag, Jr... Revised

Frank Hoag, Jr. clay original

Last week I had to change the facial expression on the life size sculpture that will be going to Pueblo Community College later this year. Although I had initially liked the "speaking" expression that the sculpture had, my clients weren't too excited about it. But after a few days I started to like the smile much more. He is more inviting and I think it makes the soon to be bronze monument easier on the eyes. The statue is 80" tall (6 foot 8 inches) and there will be an additional 18" tall solid black granite base that he will stand on making the statue 98 inches tall ( 8 foot 2 inches) and weighing over 1 ton (most of the weight will be in the solid granite). I think looking up a smiling statue will be much less intimidating and more of a welcoming gesture.  

Monday, June 1, 2015

#97, Frank Hoag, Jr. statue

After a long and hard 3 months I am closing in on this 6' 8" tall clay statue that will be cast in bronze in the following 4-5 months. This sculpture was commissioned by Pueblo Community College and will be installed in the courtyard of their campus in Pueblo, Colorado. The monument will show the tall man wearing a 1930's style suit gesturing and welcoming students to the school. Mr. Hoag was a founding member of the school, among his many accomplishments. 

Due to his height, as well as working simultaneously on one other monument and finishing up the 12 figure ww2 monument, this project has taken me a little longer than expected (this, along with losing my father). However, it is shaping up well and I will be very thrilled to see this statue installed. It is the first statue of what I have been wanting to break into for a while now, creating life size monuments of founders, CEO's, presidents, etc.